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«PROMETHE-U.S. – Energy efficiency»

The first training in energy saving launched the start of the project “PROMETHE-U.S. – Promoting Environmental and Technical Higher Education” on November 19, 2018. It took place in Nikopol where 62 schoolchildren from 2 secondary schools (№ 6 and № 26) became the main target audience.

The Project manager Kateryna Romanova made a warm welcome and informed the participants about PROMETHE-U.S. project, its advantages, goals and creating an online platform.

Ella Dmytrochenkova, the expert in energy saving and energy management working for Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production Centre, drew the children’s attention on a lot of useful energy saving solutions – thermal insulation of the buildings and energy efficiency measures are among them. To be more convincing, she familirized the schoolchildren with basic energy measuring equipment.

To help students make the right choice in their lives and that is identify their future occupation, they were offered a special questionnaire about future profession.

The training ended with a lot of positive emotions coming from schoolchildren and with a gift-awarding session to those who participated in the quiz.

Here is the Agenda.

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