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«PROMETHE-U.S. – Energy efficiency»

As  part of the project “PROMETHE-U.S. – Promoting Environmental and Technical Higher Education”, the first  training dedicated to energy saving was held on  November 19, 2018. The training was attended by 62 schoolchildren of secondary schools № 6 and № 26 in Nikopol.

Project manager Romanova Katerina made a warm welcome and told the participants about the project PROMETHE-U.S., its advantages, goals and the creation of an online platform.

Expert of  energy management and energy saving at Energy Efficiency and Clear Production Center  Ella Dmitrochenkova has talked about a lot of useful energy saving ways, insulation of buildings and energy efficiency. She also acquaints future entrants with some energy measuring equipment with a viewfinder.

In order to help students identify themselves with entering the educational institutions, they were asked to make a questionnaire on the “future profession.”

At the end of the training, students  got a lot of positive emotions and gifts for participating in the quiz.

Here is the Agenda.

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