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Another milestone event – Advisory Board outlined promising tracks to facilitate the Centre’s activity in 2019

On April 3rd, 2019, Igor Sikorsky KPI became the venue for the Advisory Board meeting – UNIDO project “Promoting the Adaptation and Adoption of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) through the Establishment and Operation of a Cleaner Production Centre (CPC) in Ukraine”. The event gathered various governmental officials, companies, international organizations, financial institutions (over 30 participants). Branko Dunić, UNIDO Chief Technical Adviser, joined the meeting and delivered a welcome speech.

This year the meeting format differed from the previous ones as it split the meeting into two sessions. One session drew attention to the RECPC Director’s presentation about the achievements the Centre gained last year, while the second session offered interactive group discussions.

The meeting started with the presentation of Andrii Vorfolomeiev, the RECP Centre’s Director. He emphasized on basic Centre’s outcomes last year, succession plan, capacity building, intensified cooperation with international organizations, national universities, upscaling work with national companies.

The second session reshuffled the participants due to their basic professional expertise and these were three working groups: 1. Governmental institutions. 2. International organizations. 3. Companies, business associations, financial institutions (all in one). The discussions appeared to be very open, lively and efficient and revolved around key issues: finding ways and suggestions to help the Centre attracting new clients, promoting the idea of green modernization of Ukrainian economy, large-scale RECP concept implementation.  

The Advisory Board meeting ended up with a summarizing session when the moderators presented outcomes generated in target groups. Among those, the following ones were the most important in the first working group:

  • Intensifying cooperation with governmental institutions through active participation in drafting Action Plan for the National Environmental Policy Strategy until 2030 at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine. Relevant topics for the Centre are resource saving and efficiency, reducing specific consumption of land resources, water, wood, mineral and organic substances of natural origin per unit of output, using waste as raw material, better and more effective waste processing, etc.);
  • Cooperating with the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine on the issues of implementing the Strategy for technical regulation system development until 2020;
  • Strengthening the Centre’s focus on economy development through cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine in drafting Action Plan to implement the National Industrial development Strategy until 2030;
  • Getting in contact with the National Water Resources Agency of Ukraine and establish cooperation in terms of solving the problems of water, its availability on the planet and in Ukraine, its rational use, saving its reserves;
  • Uploading RECP BAPs and BATs on the internet platform of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

The second group recommended:

  • Designing and regularly posting the best Centre’s case studies and BAPs on the social media;
  • Improving the Centre’s marketing policy;
  • Joining the energy efficient platform aiming to demonstrate the Centre’s potential.

The third working group offered its recommendations like below listed:

  • Applying sector-specific approach to designing case studies (RECP implementation best practices);  
  • Enhancing cooperation within three key players – financial institutions, the Centre in the middle and the companies;
  • Focusing on resolving typical problems within one sector-specific business association.

In general, the Advisory Board meeting of the UNIDO project became very fruitful. The Centre managed to group the participants with similar activities, encouraged them to think creative and open, and facilitated to generate proposals, advice and recommendations. Having got the plan of actions, from now on the Centre will speed up to implement all those recommendations and improve its performance within project framework.

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