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Enhancing your business through resource efficiency

National Companies Sharing Best Practices in Resource Efficiency – Kyiv conference 2018

For the third consecutive year, the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre organizes its annual conference within UNIDO project framework on December, 14th. This year the conference dubbed ‘ENHANCING INDUSTRIAL RESOURCE EFFICIENCY. BEST NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PRACTICES 2018’ has brought together representatives from all six target regions.  

The conference topics were mainly focused on demonstrating modern approaches to resource efficiency and energy saving in national industry and worldwide, based on best practices accumulated in the Centre’s portfolio. Apart, financial, investment and technological tools to enhance industrial resource efficiency were in focus of the conference. 

In his welcome address, Mr.Branko Dunjic, UNIDO Chief Technical Advisor, noted “Resource efficiency is extremely important for Ukraine and Europe as it provides new jobs and contributes to people’s well-being all over the world.”

Mr. Nicolas Guigas, Director deputy of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine, also delivered a welcome speech in the opening session. Mr. Guigas emphasized on the key role of resource efficiency in transition process taking place in economies when outdated energy intensive productions are getting replaced with modern economy models and all resources are consumed in far more efficient ways.”

Oleksandr Chernykh, the Industrial Policy Development Department Director at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, recalled to the audience that industry generates 90% of waste. “This is the root cause why National Industrial Development Strategy 2025 is moving to opt for resource efficiency making it a top priority objective.” Mr. Chernykh thanked both UNIDO and RECP Center for the cooperation and expertise in the matter and concluded “Our common challenge and great responsibility today is promoting resource efficiency in production processes”.

Ms.Tamara Burenko, Director deputy for the Strategic Development Department at the State Energy Efficiency Agency of Ukraine, added “For the last 18 months Ukraine has shown positive dynamics in industrial companies getting more aware about various energy efficient projects and benefits gained. And RECP Centre is the team of trained experts whose efforts and contribution in awareness raising can’t be overestimated”.

Ricardo Kühlheim, Director of the GIZ Project “Energy Efficiency in Companies” maintained the common thread in all speeches. Like others, he also pointed out that RECP Centre’s expertise and BAPs proved that Ukraine has already accumulated a great deal of knowledge, useful information and experience which should be promoted and disseminated widely.

Andrii Vorfolomeiev, the RECPC Director, provided some statistics on the Centre’s activities in the reporting year, which is coming to its end. Awareness raising seminars, 22 in total, were all focused on information and expertise dissemination about RECP concept implementation in national industries. As for sector-specific events, 9 trainings and webinars were delivered to trainees and engineering staff of the companies and enterprises, the topics deeply correlated with efficient electricity use in industry, integrated approach to using renewables in industrial heat and cold supply systems, enhancing energy efficiency in industrial ventilation systems, methods to improve industrial processes efficiency, chemical leasing, co-processing for cement plants. During 2018, the Centre trained 97 RECP experts; two national Universities (Igor Sikorsky ‘KPI’ and V.I.Vernadsky Taurida National University) managed to integrate RECP course into their curricula.  

The reporting year appeared to be quite fruitful, the Centre cooperated with 27 enterprises. The monitoring results give proofs that enterprises have already implemented the elaborated technical options or activities aiming to reduce resource consumption are still ongoing. Thus, all implemented options can result in electricity consumption reduction by 34,000 MWh, emissions – by 6,800 t CO2 equivalent, and the saving potential can be overall EUR 1 million. Within GIZ project framework “Energy efficiency in companies”, additional 11 companies went through energy audits. In total the RECP Centre conducted 150 technical assessments at companies and enterprises in 2013-2018.

Sharing impressions and following the implementation of technical options traditionally has become the integral part of the conference. Among the majority of companies assessed in 2018, the following ones showed up and delivered well-designed presentations. These were Zaporizhzhia bakery №1 Ltd., Avtodorservis Utility Company, Wimm-Bill-Dann Ukraine PJSC, Turbiv kaolin producing plant PJSC, Vyshneve foundry and forging plant PJSC.

The 2018 Global Chemical Leasing Award winners also joined the busy conference agenda and discussions. the Award in ChL was founded by UNIDO back in 2004. This year, 2018, Ukraine submitted 10 applications that were designed in close partnership with RECP Centre. It is an outstanding honor for us that this year, 2018, Ukrainian companies were awarded 3 medals (gold, silver and bronze in different nominations). The ‘Radomyshl brewery’ CJSC was awarded bronze and Ecolab was awarded silver in category ‘Case Studies’, subcategory ‘Surface treatment’. The Department of General Ecology and Ecotrophology, Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University, was awarded gold in the category ‘Research’ for efforts in successful chemical leasing integration into University syllabus.

The conference was organized by the Resource Efficient and Clean Production Centre (NGO) within the framework of the United Nations Industrial Development Project (UNIDO) ‘Promoting the Adaptation and Adoption of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)” sponsored by the Governments of Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Austria. The Project is intended to promote more efficient and rational resources use in industry, increase the competitiveness of national enterprises and reduce the negative footprint on the environment. The key Project task lies in the most efficient support to adapt and apply resource efficient and cleaner production methods, practices, technologies and concepts, thus providing the Ukrainian industry with necessary tools to boost the promotion of environmentally friendly products and goods on national and regional markets.

The Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre has already made its own good 10-year history in implementing RECP concept and elaborating technical solutions and options to reduce energy, materials and resource consumption in industries. Over 140 companies with various ownership in national metallurgy, food-processing and others industries, have become the Clients of the Centre. The cumulative savings due to rational resources consumption derived from implemented technical options exceed EUR 17,5 million. 

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