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Enhancing your business through resource efficiency


Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production in Meat Industry

This guide provides the analyses of current situation in Ukrainian meat processing industry with a key focus on direct and indirect environmental impact. Having compared national meat processing technologies with international best practices and technologies, the guide proves that there is the resource saving potential for the companies in the national meat industry. Realizing this potential is easy to do with a help of feasible activities offered in the guide. They will that help realize this potential and, at the same time, significantly mitigate negative footprint on the environment.
This material was prepared within the framework of the Project “Promoting the Adaptation and Adoption of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) through the Establishment and Operation of a Cleaner Production Centre (CPC) in Ukraine”. The Project is implemented in Ukraine by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the national Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre (RECPC). The Governments of Switzerland and the Republic of Austria are the donors of the Project.

Guide to Industrial Resource Efficiency

‘Guide to Industrial Resource Efficiency‘ was designed within the framework of the ‘Platform for Green Economy Growth’ carried out by GIZ GmbH in Ukraine upon the order of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ). The key Program partner – Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

The Guide is targeted to companies, enterprises and others showing interest towards enhancing industrial resource efficiency. The Guide contains a unified approach applicable to all industries.

Apart from unlocking the concept of resource efficiency for companies and identifying steps to enhance RE at company level, the Guide provides an overview of the world economy trends and new challenges in industries; demonstrates national case studies in resource efficiency implementation.

Water is a cleaner production tool

The Toolkit contains useful information for water audits and water management at companies based on RECP principles. 

It provides world statistics on fresh water consumption and total water consumption and withdrawal in Ukraine. The toolkit describes types of water consumption and drainage in companies, as well as the main reasons causing water loss or water overconsumption. Advice to carry out both preliminary and in-depth analyzes for water use at the enterprises have been presented. This publication also offers possible activities to help reduce water consumption for household needs; fundamental RECP approaches and strategies to increase the efficiency of industrial water use at the enterprises.

The Toolkit is supplemented with an annexes offering a) a checklist that helps analyzing the process of water management at the enterprises; b) specially-designed forms containing technical options for water saving, plus feasibility results. The authors believe these annexes will for sure help carrying out water management audits, presenting summaries and analyzing options to enhance resource efficiency. The Toolkit is meant for RECP experts and trainees, for company engineering staff in charge for on-site water management.

Industrial resource efficiency assessments

The publication presents cumulative outcomes of the resource efficient and cleaner production and demonstrates that even simple and low cost solutions give measurable positive results to boost production and business.

Implementing low-cost options

The manual suggests various low-cost options that help reduce resource consumption. It was designed by the RECP Centre within the Program to Facilitate Investments into resource efficiency in ukraine, realized by IFC and sponsored by the Free State of Saxony (Germany), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Agency for International Business Cooperation at the Ministry of Economy of the Netherlands.


Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Strategies and Practices in Dairy Industry

The Guide provides cumulative information on RECP strategies and practices in dairy industry in Europe, USA, Canada and other countries.  

 Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Guide

The Guide contains a set of step-by-step recommendations to conduct technical assessments starting from preliminary data collection, technical options implementations till monitoring the outcomes.

Chemical Leasing Manual 

The Manual interprets Chemical Leasing Concept and implementation practices in some European countries.