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You will never run out of resources


Vacancy: technical audit expert

Requirements for candidates:

  • Higher education (engineer in heat and power, power engineering specialist, electrician, mechanic, chemist);
  • Experience in implementing technical projects and conducting energy surveys at industrial enterprises;
  • Knowledge of operational data, design features, equipment operating modes and operation purpose; technical maintenance rules;
  • Experience in contracting, planning and reporting;
  • Experience in equipment operation and maintenance.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Negotiating and cooperation with enterprises on increasing the efficiency of resources use, implementing control and analysis methodologies / systems at the enterprises, elaborating measures to increase resource efficiency;
  • Conducting technical audits of the enterprises or its subdivisions/departments;
  • Carrying out preliminary and detailed assessment of the enterprise;
  • Estimating the resource saving potential at the enterprise;
  • Using various measuring tools to conduct engineering inspections of technological processes and technical systems operating at the enterprise;
  • Processing the obtained inspection results, analyzing them and summarizing conclusions;
  • Calculating the rates of material and power resources consumption per unit of output;
  • Elaborating resource saving measures and working out the implementation recommendations;
  • Conducting the efficiency expertise for ongoing and planned innovations;
  • Working out proposals aiming to launch and further successfully implement the resource efficient and cleaner production concept at the enterprise;
  • Conducting training seminars focused on increasing the resource efficiency at the enterprises; participating in external events (exhibitions, conferences, roundtable sessions);
  • Handling the information on cumulative inspection summary for its further downloading on the RECPC web;
  • Providing interim and final reports upon overall results.

Operating schedule: full time

Salary: upon agreement


We are inviting volunteers with technical diploma become the trainees within UNIDO project framework in Kyiv region!

The Resource Efficient and Clean Production Center announces the start of training session for trainees who feel ready to join our big team in implementing the resource efficient and cleaner production projects at industrial enterprises.

The future trainees are going to pass the technical course “Implementing the UNIDO methodology (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) aiming to increase the resource and energy efficiency in production processes, buildings and facilities”.

The training process is planned for late afternoon time working days (the exact time days of the week are to be agreed with trainees and teachers during the first meeting).

In the course of training you’ll be able:

  • to learn about modern approaches and engineering solutions in resource efficient and cleaner production implementation, that have been already adapted to the needs of national producers;
  • to get a consulting help on energy and resource conservation for the needs of their own enterprise (building) provided by the RECP Centre experts;
  • to gain practical skills in working out an integrated engineering and technological assessment of resource efficiency of the production processes at the enterprises basing on: measuring processes, material and energy flows balances, analyzing the obtained results and developing technical options. 

Two modules make up the training course and these are:

  1. Theoretical module (resource efficient and cleaner production concept, methodology and implementation phases);
  2. Practical module (assessment of the enterprise, elaborating options and reporting).

The trainees are awarded certificates upon completion of the training course. Moreover, they also get a opportunity to be employed as a technical audit expert in the Resource Efficient and Clean Production Center (on a competitive basis).

The candidate eager to become the potential trainee should have a higher technical education.

When selecting the candidates, the priority will be granted to those having experience in working at the enterprises.

Work experience in production will be a priority in the competitive selection of training participants.

Please send your CV to: info@recpc.org

The training course is free.

The applications are accepted until February 28, 2018. Please hurry, the seats are limited!

For more information and registration for training, please call +38 094 827-83-78 (Svitlana).