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Energy efficiency certification in buildings

 Energy efficiency certification is a type of energy audit that analyses actual or design characteristics of the building envelope and engineering systems; provides the compliance of calculated energy efficiency patterns to established minimum requirements; offers recommendations and their feasibility study on energy efficiency in buildings (given the local climate conditions).

The Law of Ukraine “On Energy Efficiency of Buildings” introduces mandatory certification of energy efficiency starting from July 1, 2019.

Energy efficiency certification is required for:

1) Buildings (brand new and reconstructed buildings, buildings after complete overhaul). These buildings belong to CC2 (medium) and CC3 (major) class of safety (consequences), determined in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «Urban Planning Regulation»;

2) State-owned houses (buildings) with over 250 m2 heated area often visited by citizens, with state authorities located and operating inside;

3) Buildings with over 250 m2 heated area with local government institutions located and operating inside (subject to the thermal modernization done in these buildings);

4) Buildings where thermomodernization is in progress and it’s financing was provided by the government; and at the end the building may acquire energy efficiency class not less the minimum requirements.

Energy efficiency certification and inspection of engineering systems assessment in buildings is performed by the Centre’s certified energy auditors.

The Energy Certificate is issued upon the results of the overall assessment. The Certificate indicates energy efficiency class and figures, provides recommendations towards energy efficiency increase etc.

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