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Advisory Board Meeting-2021 and its Results

The annual Advisory Board (AB) meeting organized online by the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre in Ukraine took place on March 25, 2021. The representatives of target ministries, international organizations, financial institutions, industrial enterprises, the group of stakeholders of the EU4Environment Action and other stakeholders participated in the event. Viacheslav Bykovets, Vice-President of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Small, Middle-Sized and Privatized Enterprises was elected the Chairman of the Meeting.

The meeting highlighted the results of the Centre’s activities in 2020 and demonstrated the interim results of the “Circular Economy and New Growth Opportunities” component implementation as part of the EU4Environment Action in Ukraine. The AB participants also discussed ways forward of the Centre’s development and generated suggestions for future Centre’s activities.

The meeting consisted of two parts in line with the Agenda. The first part covered the Centre’s activities, and the second part became an interactive group session to talk in target groups and elaborate proposals.

In his presentation Andrii Vorfolomeiev, Director of the RECP Centre presented the main results of the Centre’s activities last year and the summary of the works under the  EU4Environment Component “Circular Economy and New Growth Opportunities” in Ukraine in 2020. Thus, last year the Centre offered an online service for those who needed advice on saving resources, energy efficiency and environmental protection. Besides developed manuals and guidelines, the RECP Centre also organized various online informational events and developed an online course “Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production”.

“The initiative to develop a video course “Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production” is very interesting for the Eastern Partnership countries, and we have already received a request to use this educational course throughout Belarus in particular. We would like to establish such cooperation within the EU4Environment Programme as an option. The initiative to have a knowledge platform or a national network in Ukraine will win its audience in other EaP countries through the EU4Environment Programme. There will also be an exchange of expertise and possibly joint events within these platforms,” reported Tatiana Chernyavskaya, Acting Project Manager, Industrial Resource Efficiency Division, Directorate for Environment and Energy, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Liudmyla Musina, coordinator of cooperation with UNIDO in Ukraine, commented in her remarks: “There is a really wide range of tasks in circular economy and resource efficiency. The Centre is trying to accumulate these tasks and introduce them in Ukraine. I think this is a very important signal for both the governmental and local authorities and thanks to the European Green Deal and new targets of the National Economic Strategy until 2030 Ukraine has to speed up the implementation of these tasks. The Centre has chosen a right vector for its activities and it should receive total support in this matter. It is the demand of time to focus on the key task but not losing the opportunity to bring these messages to the authorities of all governmental levels. And I believe this will be the main task for the Centre in the nearest future”.

Victoria Kovalenko, State Expert on Smart Specialization and Resource Efficiency, Directorate for Pricing Policy and Development of the Real Sector of Economy (The Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine) expressed her gratitude to the Centre for the long-term contribution to the optimization of the Ukrainian industry through the introduction of RECP principles. “On behalf of the Ministry, we are very pleased that the Centre has undertaken the activities in the domain of circular economy as nowadays there are a lot of requests on this topic and they need to be promptly fulfilled” V.Kovalenko summed up in her speech.

Ganna Kuznetsova, National Programme Officer, Cooperation Programme (Embassy of Switzerland to Ukraine), also positively commented on the activities of the Centre for the 8 years of cooperation with it. “The results of the Centre’s work are evident when doing analytics and monitoring their activities carried and it is hard to leave them unnoticeable. This year the Global Eco-industrial Parks Programme has already been launched, and the Centre will also play an important role in its implementation. Within this Programme the effect of resource efficient and cleaner production will be more noteworthy”, added G. Kuznetsova.

The discussions in groups were live and productive. Among others, the following suggestions for the Centre’s activities in 2021 should be pointed out:

– organizing consultancy meetings with businesses to implement RECP plans
using the RECP Centre’s cases and experience in other Eastern Partnership countries
keep organizing RECP informational events, as well as those dedicated to circular economy decoupling, decarbonization, and digitalization
using RECP network as a tool for scaling up RECP
strengthening cooperation with state and local authorities in RECP and circular economy
strengthening cooperation with universities, especially technical ones in RECP topic, and
using online resources to inform businesses, organizations and other stakeholders.

During the AB meeting, the participants generated a lot of interesting ideas and suggestions that might help create and fill the national resource efficient and cleaner production network (RECPnetwork) with interesting stuff.

As a result, the Centre received useful recommendations for its further activities in Ukraine.

The EU4Environment Programme is funded by the European Union and implemented by a consortium of international partners, including OECD, UNIDO, UN Environment, UNECE and the World Bank.