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Enhancing your business through resource efficiency


RECP Assessment at companies

RECP assessment is a comprehensive technical procedure analyzing overall consumption of energy, materials, water, as well as production of wastes, emissions and effluents.

The whole assessment goes through 5 stages:

  • First visit to the company, meeting company personnel, forming-up the team, data collection;
  • Production problem areas identification;
  • In-depth assessment with measuring equipment;
  • Developing solutions to improve production processes (or a specific area), selecting the best ones and most appropriate, producing feasibility study and environmental report;
  • Reporting and overall activities presentation.

The resource efficient solutions are an integral part of the report and highlights:

  • Analysis of historical and current data on the consumption of materials, energy, water;
  • Energy and material balances;
  • Production of waste, emissions and effluents;
  • Ways to reduce waste and emissions generation.

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