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Enhancing your business through resource efficiency

Online training course “Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production”

The Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) entails the continuous application of preventive environmental strategies to processes, products and services in order to increase efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment

The online course is designed for those willing to master RECP methodology and further apply in productions to enhance resource efficiency and improve the environmental performance of Ukrainian industry.

The online RECP course was developed by the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre within the frame of the UNIDO Project and with the support of Switzerland.

Guidance Note

To master the RECP course, please go through all videos in the section ‘Video’ down on this page. 

You can do it any convenient time for you.

We advise you to listen to the videos according to the list presented, as they are interrelated (each upcoming video is another new topic within the whole course)

Good luck!




You have listened to all course materials designed and delivered by the RECP Centre experts as video lectures.

Now we suggest you follow the link and provide answers for the control questions.

As mentioned in the introductory video, we will send you an electronic certificate basing on the test results we are going to receive and then process. The certificate will prove you have listened to the RECP course and passed the test successfully. However, only those be awarded the certificates who get 75% correct answers.

So please be attеntive and good luck!