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Enhancing your business through resource efficiency


Training courses 

        Training with measuring equipment in use

The RECP Centre regularly conducts specialized trainings, practical courses, develops and integrates comprehensive programs on resource and energy efficiency. Such activities guarantee smooth, in-depth and continuous knowledge transfer which plays the leading role in understanding the importance to use resources rationally and prevent negative environmental impacts.

The Centre has brought highly qualified specialists in one team. If necessary or upon any request, international experts can quickly join the core team to cope with set tasks and targets. All of them show readiness to share knowledge and own expertise in resource efficiency implementation in industries.

We offer this service to company management, regular managers, industrial engineering staff, and consultants.   

The training service provision is split into 3 groups depending on time required, topic capacity and presentation means.

Specialized trainings: 1-day practical courses and informational seminars in target engineering area (e.g., measurements practice and handling with measuring equipment);

Training course: a short-term (3-5 days) training course which offers students technical theory and practical expertise with a focus on complex engineering systems, production processes, technological equipment (e.g, compressed air systems at the enterprises, thermal modernization of buildings and utilities in household sector, industrial resource and energy savings tagged to standard equipment, etc.);

Training programs last from 3 to 4 months (e.g., industrial energy saving, energy audit, etc.). The Centre also contributes to promote resource efficiency as a subject in national universities by providing help in elaborating curricula.

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