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ON-LEAN: Furniture

Project "ON-LEAN: Furniture" – Increasing SMEs' Ability to Implement Lean Manufacturing in Furniture Sector"


2021 -2022

Project goal

Developing an online course on lean manufacturing in furniture industry, recording video lectures 

Project tasks

  • Developed online course content
  • Video lectures recorded and posted on the educational platform
  • 150 online couse participants representing 100 furniture companies viewed the online course
  • Project promotion, enrolling a minimum of 150 participants representing 100 furniture companies
  • Mastering the online course
  • E-certificates developed and issued
  • Developed evaluation forms to identify the impact of conducted trainings on furniture companies

Target audience

Furniture industry representatives (owners, management, technologists, engineers, managers and consultants in sustainability or lean manufacturing); high school students and others interested in lean manufacturing

Project beneficiaries

Regional state administrations, municipalities, regional economic development agencies, industry business associations and unions, business support organizations, similar grant projects in Ukraine for furniture manufacturers, educational institutions with relevant specialties

RECP Centre's role

As part of the implementation of USAID CEP initiative “ON-LEAN: Furniture” – Increasing SMEs’ Ability to Implement Lean Manufacturing in Furniture Sector”, the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre develops online course content, recruits participants from the furniture industry, and evaluates the project impact on furniture companies

What is Lean Manufacturing?

The term “Lean production” was introduced by Tahiti Ono, a Japanese engineer of the world famous car manufacturer Toyota. The first attempts to optimize the production began in the 1950s.
Lean Manufacturing is a system of methods to organize the production, and it was formed when building up the Toyota Production System (TPS) and subsequently adapted for use in almost any field of activity

Lean-system offers a set of methods and tools, which allows to successfully improve the efficiency of production by eliminating unproductive loss.
The main advantage of this approach is the application of all methods and tools in one kit, but not this or that separate technique or method. Lean is a holistic system of continuous improvement allowing to improve all business processes of enterprises by achieving a constant and sustained increase in the efficiency of their activities

Lean manufacturing is a management concept based on the rigorous striving to eliminate all types of losses. It also involves the involvement of each employee in the business optimization process a well as maximum focus on the consumer.
Lean production is an organization and management system for product development, production, relations with suppliers and consumers, when the manufactured products totally meet the consumers’ requests and are produced with less losses in comparison with mass production in large batches

Lean is a breakthrough approach to management and quality management that ensures long-term competitiveness without significant investments. This online course is focused on lean manufacturing specifically in furniture sector and takes into account the difference between companies in the segment of custom-made furniture and in the segment of mass-produced furniture.
First of all, the course will be useful for the representatives of small and medium furniture companies in Ukraine

Lean is successfully implemented by such global furniture manufacturers as IKEA, JYSK, Ashley HomeStore, Restoration Hardware, and Kartell


Technical director of the “Lean Manufacturing” Educational and Research Centre, senior researcher at the R&D Institute for Applied Electronics, leading lecturer of the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA), auditor of the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU), leading auditor of the “LL-C Certification” (Czech Republic, Prague), senior lecturer of the NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI”

Leading consultant, lecturer and auditor of the “Lean Manufacturing” Educational and Research Centre at the R&D Institute for Applied Electronics, PhD in Technical Sciences, associate professor of the NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI”, leading auditor of the “LL-C Certification” (Czech Republic, Prague)

Preliminary registration is open until April (23:59), 2022

To register for the online course please scan the QR code and fill out the short Google form 



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